Our Colleagues Say

Eckhart Tolle“Mary’s work is a treasure of practical wisdom and profound insights, all pointing to one essential Truth: how to awaken into present-moment awareness and live in acceptance of what is. Thank you, Mary, for your contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.”
~ Eckhart Tolle, Author of The Power of Now, Stillness Speaks, and A New Earth

“I consider Mary O’Malley to be one of the most extraordinary teachers of our time. No one is more adept at showing us how to turn life’s most difficult moments into life’s greatest gifts. Her deep compassion, uncommon awareness, and crystal clear insight make anything she writes a treasure.”
~ Neale Donald Walsch,
Author of Conversations With Godchristiane_northrup

“Awakening is powerful medicine. A book to live with, learn from, and treasure.”
~Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Salzberg Sharon Web“Down-to-earth and joyful! Mary’s words offer a healing path for all who wish to travel away from self-limiting views toward freedom of heart.”
~Sharon Salzberg, Co-Founder of the Insight Meditation Society and Author of Real Happiness

Richard MossWe all have a contribution  to make to the evolution of peace and healing for our world and as so many great teachers have said, it needs to start with ourselves. Mary O’Malley offers a timeless teaching. Now, may we each live it to the best of our ability.”
~Richard Moss, author of The Mandala of Being and Inside-Out Healing

Mary’s teaching is genius and rare. Simplicity, profundity and deep compassion Lorraine Hurleycombine to draw you into a crystal clear clarity that life is a privilege, gift and joy when we meet all of it with an open and loving heart.
~Lorraine Hurley MD


“I love Mary’s message–for me, born with an overdose of curiosity, it gives new meaning and usefulness to the word!” ~Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D., Evolution Biologist & Futurist

OndreaStephenLevine-web“Mary O’Malley awakens us again and again to the startling wonder of what lies beyond our workable hindrances, the liberation of our luminous nature.”
Stephen Levine, Author of Who Dies?, Meetings at the Edge, Healing Into Life and Death, and A Year to Live

“This is the most no-nonsense, grounded, accessible spirituality you will ever come across. I love MJeff-Foster-colorary’s teachings. They are simple and practical yet awesomely profound, and offer hope to those in even the darkest places. Her message is medicine for the world.”
~Jeff Foster, Author of The Deepest Acceptance and Life Without a Center

JackKornfield200x200“These teachings open you to mystery; they bring freedom, joy and ease.”
Jack Kornfield, founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and author of A Path With Heart.

“Out of the plentiful garden of books out there on spirituality that get too heady or aScott-Kiloby-2bre not experiential enough to really help people, this rare gem is different.  I love how Mary adds just the right combination of explanation and instruction.”
~Scott Kiloby, Author and Founder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery

“This beautiful book is filled with heart wisdom.  Mary O’Malley’s teachings are simptara-brach-mediumle, deep and profoundly transforming…they will guide you in letting go and trusting life.”
~Tara Brach, Ph.D.  Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

“MarJerry-Katzy offers a graceful and skillful communication, a quality of responsiveness, that is seasoned and not commonly seen. I recommend her most recent book as well as any audio, video, and in-person offerings you can discover.”
Jerry Katz, Nonduality.com

“I am jusannlouise_promophoto2t in awe of Mary’s work. Mary transforms our everyday challenges into something sacred. Her insights into what it means to be truly human touched my heart so deeply.  I think Mary O’Malley is the freshest voice of truth out there today.”
~Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., Health Expert and Author

Jeff_Renner“Mary offers a gentle clarity that invites us to embrace ourselves and our circumstances, our experiences and our dreams. Her skillful perceptions and observations, shared through this work, offer a warm and friendly hand extended in a spirit of generosity to realize our possibilities with a capital ‘P’. She invites us to undertake this journey not with willfullness, but willingness. Mary is truly a treasure, the pearl of great and rare value.”
~Jeff Renner, Chief Meterologist for Seattle King5 News

GrantSoosaluSmall“Mary’s work is fantastic and so important in helping people on the path to both personal freedom and more wisdom on the planet.”
~Grant Soosalu, author of Avoiding the Enemies to HAPPINESS, and mBraining

Al Cole“Mary teaches us that through courageously living out even the bitter times, we can with inner growth, sculpt the opportunity to one day become our own dear Sweethearts!” ~Al Cole, CBS Radio Host of the nationally syndicated talk show, People of Distinction, and Author of The Spirit of Romance

Marci-Shimoff“Mary O’Malley has developed a wonderful process to let go of struggle and become more fully alive.  She teaches us to use compassionate curiosity to bring insight to the healing of whatever is getting in our way.”   ~Marci Shimoff, Author of Happy for No Reason

“Mary’s voice is the clear and profound voice of an individual who has walked througLinda_Bus_8x10_Color_Bh the darkest of times and learned how to transmute the pain and wounding into precious treasure. Her words are her practice— she teaches what she lives—honestly and authentically. I am captivated and moved by her presence, her spirit, her courage, and by the ability she has to inspire and assist others who long to find their way. To be in her presence is like one long hug.”  ~ Linda A. Morrow Spencer, Unity Minister

“HavDeborahOliveing overcome many obstacles in her life, Mary is skillful in guiding others to draw upon deeper dimensions within themselves that they, too, might overcome obstacles in their lives. Mary has a keen mind and is warm, authentic and insightful.”
~ Reverend Deborah Olive, Unity Minister

Ginny“It is absolutely worth taking the effort in today’s busy world to practice and master Mary’s perspective of pure presence and awareness in the workplace. By gaining the ability to simply SEE challenges in a new way, I’ve been able to move to new levels of finding creative and timely solutions to difficult issues, fostering positive team-building and creating ease in dealing with difficult people. Developing a balanced place from which to respond rather than react not only reduces the stress of work demands, but also preserves precious energy for maximum productivity. And, more importantly, this has brought renewed energy and perspective to my personal life and relationships as well.”
~ Virginia A. Howell, Strategic Planning Consultant, Kirkland, Washington