Quotes from Mary’s Books

“What would our lives be like if we could move beyond struggle and instead reconnect with the joy, wonder, and vitality of being truly alive?” –Gift of Our Compulsions

“When we try to control our compulsions we think that this will hold back these powerful urges, but controlling never brings us the lasting healing that we long for. Instead, it actually fuels the compulsive cycle.”  –Gift of Our Compulsions

“What we fight controls us. What we resist persists.” –Gift of Our Compulsions

“In the light of our compassionate attention, not only do our compulsions lose their power over us, but they also become a doorway into the healing that we long for. ad, it actually fuels the compulsive cycle.” –Gift of Our Compulsions

” [true alchemy] is about using the light of human attention to transform the dense, dark clouds of our forgetting into the aliveness and joy of our remembering. he compulsive cycle.” –Gift of Our Compulsions

“Loving Ourselves from the Insides Out, we meet the world from the spaciousness of our hearts. ”  –Gift of Our Compulsions.

“Help is always available from our own inner wisdom, which is connected to the wisdom at the heart of life.” – Gift of our comp.–Gift of Our Compulsions

“As we make contact with our own wisdom, we have the capacity to let go of doing life and we become life instead, reconnecting with the healing of simply being. “–Gift of Our Compulsions

“When we learn how to listen to our compulsions, they will teach us how to be conscious, compassionate, loving, wise human beings.” –Gift of Our Compulsions

“I began to listen so deeply that I was able to see what I was trying to run away from when I was compulsive.” –Gift of Our Compulsions

“In feeling a feeling you can get lost in the middle of it. Meeting a feeling is about relating to the feeling, giving it the attention and understanding it needs to be transformed back into free-flowing energy. ” –Gift of Our Compulsions

“It is the heart speaking through the mind that will tell us what is appropriate and will allow for full, creative and compassionate engagement.” — Belonging to Life

“Becoming aware of what the judger is doing and cultivating the heart brings us to the healing in which the mind drops into the heart.” — Belonging to Life

“We are living in the schoolroom of the heart, and we will be challenged over and over again to respond with the skills of inclusion rather than to react from the contraction of the comparing, judging mind.”  — Belonging to Life

“It is a gigantic leap in your awakening when you realize that your suffering does not come from what is happening in you life. Suffering comes from your stories about what is happening.” –What’s in the Way Is the Way

“Tightening is signaling you to become curious about what you are experiencing. Whenever you are tightening, it is a guarantee that there is something you are resisting, so you become alert to the times you tighten.”  –What’s in the Way Is the Way




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