Meeting Fear, Loneliness and Self-Judgment

There is something deep inside of you that is scared,

something deep inside of you that feels alone,

something deep inside of you that believes you need to better or different to be okay,

You are not alone in these beliefs. We all have them.

What we do with them is we try to hide them, even from ourselves.   And then they influence our lives from underneath our everyday awareness.

If you think it is not okay to have these feelings, then your heart closes and you live a life of being half alive.

What if you knew that there is nothing inside of you to be afraid of or ashamed of?

What if you knew there was nothing to protect, nothing to hide, nothing to reject.

What if you realized that rather than trying to get away from or even get rid of all these feelings, you could relax a bit and open your heart to them.

This is the truth, and they have been silently requesting your heart for your whole life.

If you begin to discover the courage (the root word for courage means heart) to turn towards yourself for a moment here and a moment there and actually be present for what you are experiencing, magic will happen in your life.





  1. Such comforting words. I love the idea of turning towards ourselves, of embracing all that arises with no judgment.
    Thank you, Mary for your wisdom and for your writing.

  2. Thank you, Mary! With all of the political turmoil, world catastrophe, personal trials and seeming limitations, I just realized that what I need to do is take the time to sit by myself and ask myself the questions that I am vaguely meeting day to day. The ones that cause me doubt and anxiety about my life.

    I need to really sit down and ask myself, what these feelings really mean to me; what they really represent, and how I can proceed toward my life; toward the life I want to create so I can live the life I was born to live.

  3. I love you Mary O’Malley. Your words in these posts and in your book (What’s in the Way Is the Way) have had an immense positive effect in my life

  4. I third that!

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