No Matter How It Feels, You Are Right Where You Need to Be

Everything that I share with you comes from making my descent into a total darkness that was filled with dread, terror and self-hate, and then being brought step by step back home to my aware heart.

I once was so afraid I wanted to die.
I once was so ashamed of every single part of me that it felt good when I hurt myself.
I was once so tight and small that my body was racked with pain.

Now, at times, I experience fear, but it is met with curiosity and compassion.
Now, every once in a while, shame does come for a visit, but I don’t fall into its story.
Now, my when my body tightens, I know how to relax and soften the ancient holdings.
Now, even though despair shows up here and there, it is immediately tucked into my heart.

These are some of the truths I discovered on this journey.  Your mind may not agree with these truths, but I am speaking to the part of you that knows that they are true.

Even if your life is what you would call a mess;
even though you may be ill, or alone, or engulfed in self-hatred;
even if everything in the world frightens you;
even though it feels like your suffering will never end;
know that you are right where you need to be on your journey home – home to an alive, nourishing connection with yourself and with life.

I leave you with something that came to me as I was awakening:

“Know and silently respect the perfection of everyone and everything, in every situation, especially when it is not at all apparent.”


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  1. As always, , your teachings warm my heart!!!!!!!!!!

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