Melt Into Life

Lynn Andrews, author of Medicine Woman, tells a story that speaks to the awakening into life that is beginning to spread across the planet. Lynn and her teacher, Agnus Whistling Elk, are sitting in a booth at a diner in the wilds of Manitoba.

Placing a glass of ice water between them, Agnus says, “Lynn, take a good look at this glass and describe it to me.”

“Well,” responds Lynn, “it is a clear glass of water with ice cubes in it.”

“Suppose this glass of water is you and the life you are living,” Agnus said.

“How do you mean, Agnus?”

“You are like an ice cube floating on the water.  Imagine you’re the ice cube in the glass now.  Let’s say the water in this glass represents the all-surrounding ocean of enlightenment.  And you’re floating on it like an ice cube.  As an ice cube, you look down at the primeval sea and you know a great truth—that you are made out of the same substance.  You are made out of water.  There is only one difference.  Do you know what that is?”

“I am frozen,” responds Lynn.

“Correct.  The only difference is temperature.  We come to this Earthwalk for only one reason.  This turtle island is a great schoolhouse.  We have chosen to come here only to become one with the Great Spirit.  In your words, to become enlightened.  Yet it’s the one thing we’re most afraid of.  You come here like everyone else, like an ice cube trying to melt into the all-surrounding ocean of enlightenment.”

We have come here to melt, to become one with the all-pervading sea of Love that is Life.  This happens in a moment here and a moment there when we wake up to the sacredness of life, right here, right now.

So soften your belly.  Allow a long slow out-breath and relax.  This is no ordinary moment in your life.  This moment is fully and completely sacred.  This moment is speaking to you.  Listen! The safest thing you will ever do is to let go of trying to control your life and instead to be here for it.


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  1. What a wonderful analogy, describing the essence of what we are. I often use the analogy of the ocean and how the wave appears to be separate.

    Thank you so much for your work, it really resonates deeply.

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