Trusting Life’s Wisdom

What would it be like if you could trust your life – all of it – what has happened in the past, what is happening right now, and what is to unfold in the future? And what would it be like if you could watch the evening news and know that all the terrorism, violence, and unrest in the world is part of a purposeful unfolding? It is possible to trust on this level. In fact, it is not only possible, it is the most powerful way to move through Life. Trust isn’t about always liking what is happening. And it isn’t about being powerless. Rather, trust is full engagement with Life as it is right now.

Trusting Life allows you to let go of all of the should’s, have to’s, can’ts and wont’s so that you can connect with the newness of every moment. To trust Life is to learn how to respond rather than react so your actions don’t add to the confusion and heartache. It allows you to tap into the flow of creativity that has been unfolding for billions of years, for everything that is authentically new and of lasting value comes from this ability to be fully engaged with Life no matter what is going on.

We are on the threshold of possibility such as we have never seen before. This is a time of breakdown – the breaking down of our old views – our old ways. And this is a time of breakthrough – into becoming more conscious, loving, aware human beings. It is a birthing process. And as in all births, it is painful and messy at times. But this birth is taking us to a place that is beyond the dualistic mind. This old kind of mind moves mainly from comparison and judgment. It says, “I am right” and “you are wrong.” Or “I am wrong and you are right.” It can say, “I am better than you because of the color of my skin.” Or “I am not as good as you because I am a woman” or “I am poor,” or “I am illiterate.” This kind of mind has brought forth so much suffering on this planet.

The shift that is happening for human beings is not about getting rid of the dualistic mind. The mind is a useful tool for maneuvering through Life. But when it is in the driver’s seat, it keeps you caught and struggling with Life. You don’t need to get rid of it, but you do need to learn how to use it rather than having it take over your life. In this time of divisive politics, ethnic prejudice and economic inequality, you can either react, creating more confusion, or you can learn how to respond, knowing that Life is for you. A responsive mind is one that trusts the breakdowns and the breakthroughs, connects rather than controls, understands rather than judges, and sees we are all in this together. This kind of mind makes choices and decisions from an empowered place, from a place that trusts Life. It makes choices that unite and heal rather than ones that divide and harm.

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  1. I wish you could help me. I trusted life, trusted my wonderful son that he was ok until morning, and he took his own life. Now what? I miss him with every cell in my body. I would be dead too but for his wonderful brother, for whom I must stay alive and try to live a life.

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