“Thank you, Mary, for your contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.” ~Eckhart Tolle

What would your life be like…Mary O'Malley

…if you truly trusted yourself and your life – all of it?

…if your challenges, rather than being endless problems to be solved, became doorways into the healing you long for?
…if you discovered that the peace you long for is always with you right here, right now?
…if you woke up each morning with a zest for where the adventure is going to take you today?

Mary O’Malley teaches…

…Joy and inner peace are our birthright,
and meeting our fears and self judgment
with curiosity and compassion is the doorway.

…Compulsions aren’t an indication that something is wrong;
they are doorways into the joy of being fully alive in each moment.
By learning to respond rather than react,
we can gather the gifts that they hold.


Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations With God, says: “I consider Mary O’Malley to be one of the most extraordinary teachers of our time.”


“The peace and joy you long for are always with you, and always have been – right here inside of you!” — Mary O’Malley

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