Our Clients Say

Mary – I have spent 30 years in spiritual pursuits of one kind or another. It is very hard to believe that persistent unhappiness can ever be any different. I loved knowing Eckhart Tolle had wanted to die, and I found your openness about your extreme unhappiness encouraging to say the least. I seem to have no purpose and I have so many physical problems that it seems natural to really want to die. I have never had any joy in Life that is enough to make me want to be here. And yet when I read a book like yours there is that annoying hope again!!  It looks as if What’s In the Way IS the Way is headed for stardom and that is a wonderful thing. Your book is comforting as well as going to the heart of the matter. And it takes into account the sometimes seeming impossibility of believing that one can let go of the addiction to the mind even for a few seconds. It feels like one has some company on this lonely journey and yet that company is taking you to yourself.  ~Cathryn

Mary – I am in the middle of reading What’s In the Way Is the Way, and this book is changing my life!  ~With so much gratitude, Mary

Mary – I am now reading The Gift of Our Compulsions – and I am overwhelmed with hope. It all makes such sense. I have been trying to control my anxiety for years and years, and it just doesn’t work. You write so beautifully about the human mind – the mind I have been afraid of for as long as I can remember. You write with warmth and logic. It speaks to every cell of my being.  If your coaching is like your writing, I have no doubt this is the very thing I have been looking for and longing for.  ~Grete

Mary – Your experience and the way you verbalize it is what I needed to hear, because, for the first time in my life, there is a chance for me to make it through conscious, aware and awakened. Until you, I thought that with the enormous variety of humanity some people are just supposed to feel retched and miserable and in despair and that was just my lot.  What you have given me is true Alchemy in progress. I was lucky to find an used copy of “The Gift of Our Compulsions” and it is on its way to me.  In one of your stories you mentioned how you found a woman, who kind of served as your teacher and guide and I have no doubt that you are that for me as well. No one had been able to get through the armor of my self imposed limitations, and for the time being, it seems as if you have.  I shall listen to your talks, and like you said, “we need to hear these things over and over and over and that is just what I plan to do.  ~In deepest gratitude and appreciation, Tady

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